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hacked by Rizgar halshoy kurdish hacker20141007
Speakers List20140820
Frank de Varona20140729
Rafael Cruz20140530
Alan Ross20140527
Paul Blair20140512
Trevor Loudon20140512
KCarl Smith 20140512
Juan Torres20140512
Dexter Sanders20140512
Ron Edwards20140512
Tom DeLay20140320
Curtis Bowers20140320
Janet L. Porter20140320
Sam Rohrer20140320
Art Ally20140320
Mat Staver20140320
Ken Blackwell20140320
Bob McEwen20140320
Harry Mihet20140320
Rick Scarborough20140320
Nancy Schulze20140320
John Stemberger20140320
"Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed" —Thomas Jefferson20131231
Protect our liberty20131230
Liberty Tour at The Villages08162014

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